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    Renovation ideas for a small condo kitchen

    The ease of maintenance and upkeep of condos, apartments, and flats is attractive to many of you. In addition, the vast majority of you would rather not be cramped. It…
    kitchen bath renovation experts

    Incredible Additions to Optimize Kitchen Space

    Kitchen renovation or remodeling projects are not just about style and cabinet additions anymore. There are concepts and customization involved to help you best optimize your kitchen space. Scroll below…
    condo kitchen


    With the ever-growing city and sprawling population, cities like Toronto are experiencing the rise in condo properties to support middle and low-income families. To cater to this market, many real…
    Condo Kitchen


    When you think of a condo kitchen, you know that one of the constraints is space. Many who live in condos apartments often find that they have a hard time…
    luxury kitchen

    How to Design A Low-Budget Luxury Kitchen

    Everyone likes to have a great kitchen where everything is top-notch and the design is totally awesome. However, the first thing that comes to mind when you think about a…
    Kitchen idea

    5 Awesome White Kitchen Ideas For Your Home

    White kitchens are absolutely pristine! There’s an undeniable feeling, an aura of elegance, an illusion of grace and space that you discover when you stepping into any white kitchen. White…
    kitchen bath renovation experts

    6 Tips to Create a Modern Rustic Kitchen

    Rustic kitchens come with century-old details, faded finishes, and rough surfaces. Some upgrades and improvements can make this style more suitable for modern homes. If you’re looking forward to creating…
    kitchen bath renovation experts

    8 Stunning Small Kitchen Renovation Ideas

    A kitchen is the central hub of a modern home as it’s the place where you cook, eat meals with your family, gather around, and share special moments with your…
    kitchen bath renovation experts

    4 Tips to Mix Metal Finishes in Your Kitchen

    Home designers are now focusing on incorporating multiple metal finishes in a single room to add more dimension, depth, and personality to the space. However, mixing metal finishes without creating…
    kitchen bath renovation experts

    6 Stunning Ideas to Create a Modern Rustic Kitchen

    Rustic kitchens have a special charm and warmth. They come with faded finishes, rough surfaces, and century-old details that derive inspiration from organic colours, patterns, and textures. This farmhouse or…
    kitchen bath renovation experts

    5 Design Ideas for Your Office Renovation

    An office renovation is a good way to boost the aesthetic appeal of the space. The positive changes that you bring to your office environment can influence the first impressions…
    kitchen bath renovation experts

    4 Awesome Contemporary Kitchen Design Ideas

    A lot of homeowners have an outdated kitchen that hasn’t been upgraded in a decade or fallen out of style. With the emergence of new kitchen design trends that combine…
    kitchen bath renovation experts

    6 Ways to Create a Stunning French Country Kitchen

    French country is one of the most desirable kitchen styles as it brings an incredibly distinguishable appeal to your kitchen. Intricate woodwork, subdued colours, rich fabrics and beautiful lines are…
    kitchen bath renovation experts

    Creative Storage Solutions for Kitchens

    Kitchens are usually one of the most cluttered rooms in a house. Cookware, dishes, groceries, and cleaning supplies are constantly in use, moving from one place to another. Keeping all…
    kitchen bath renovation experts

    4 Smart Design Ideas for Small Kitchens

    The efficiency of a kitchen doesn’t depend on its area. Space and good design can turn even a small and dark kitchen into an efficient workplace. If you’re planning to…
    kitchen bath renovation experts

    3 Innovative Industrial Kitchen Design Ideas

    The industrial style of decorating a kitchen celebrates practicality and affordability. With time, this style has made its way to contemporary penthouses and villas from loft-style homes and apartments. The…
    kitchen bath renovation experts

    4 Design Ideas to Create a Retro Kitchen

    Image Credit: Retro kitchen designs are fun and they’re an amazing way to revive your love for vintage and bright nostalgic colour combinations. It’s a culturally aged style that…
    kitchen bath renovation experts

    How to Transform Your Kitchen into an Eco-Friendly Space

    Many homeowners today want a green kitchen. Toxin-free, sustainable and energy-efficient choices for one’s home are a responsible approach towards the environment. If you’re thinking of transforming your kitchen into…