4 Summer Inspired Tips to Refresh Your Kitchen Décor


  1. Accent wall: Painting a wall with a bright contrast color is enough to kick start the summer. Not only does it liven up the room, but also gives a new appearance to your kitchen. Need help with color selection, contact us and let us help you.
  1. Plants: Plants are the easiest and convenient way to refresh your kitchen with an addition. You can hang a lush green plant by the window or over the sink to add the vibrance. You can also keep a kitchen garden pot over the counter.
  1. Lighting fixtures & accessories: Lighting fixtures and accessories can transform your kitchen space overnight. They sure brighten up the room but also add a touch of elegance. There is a variety of lighting options available to suit your space and requirements.
  1. Shelf & pantry additions: Make your kitchen space sleek and equipped for storage. Add a shelf, pull-out addition or rebuild the pantry to achieve the minimalist kitchen concept.

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