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    With a wealth of experience in home design and execution dating back to 1999, We manage every aspect of house projects. Our comprehensive involvement spans from the initial design phase through construction to meticulous project management. Recognizing the challenges presented by limited space in condos, our foremost priority is to optimize both functionality and aesthetics, ensuring no compromise on either front. Additionally, our team is covered with WSIB, licensed, and insured, providing added assurance and peace of mind.

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    Kitchen Renovation

    We’ve taken pride in specializing in the creation of bespoke kitchens in Canada. Our kitchens feature high-quality soft-close hinges and drawers, complemented by our extensive design expertise, cabinet manufacturing, and professional installation services. We seamlessly coordinate all elements, from installing cabinets and countertops to incorporating backsplash, plumbing, and electrical work, all in accordance with the guidelines established by the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA). This dedication distinguishes us as a unique and leading presence in our field.

    Bridle path kitchen

    Bathroom Renovation

    Specializing in bathroom renovations, we handle the entire process from demolition to execution. This encompasses all aspects of design, construction, and implementation, featuring a team of licensed and insured tradespeople. Our services include the initial demolition, tile installation, plumbing, electrical work, and fixture installation.

    Structural Changes

    Tap into the possibilities of your space with Interior Nation’s proficiency in structural changes and layout alterations. We are dedicated to providing outstanding design and construction solutions, encompassing thorough structural alterations to harmonize your condo with your vision and optimize space utilization. Rely on our adept Architect and engineering team to guarantee structural integrity, seamlessly blending aesthetics with safety while adhering to building codes and condo management regulations.


    We handle all aspects of home requirements, including flooring considerations that are subject to the rules and regulations set by the condominium association or management. These norms cover factors like noise restrictions, installation requirements, material restrictions, and specifications for moisture and water resistance. Before implementing any flooring changes, we adhere to an approval process that involves submitting plans or samples for review to ensure compliance with the established norms.


    With our experienced team, Kitchen Nation proudly manages the demolition and removal process in condominium settings. This involves the systematic dismantling or removal of existing structures, features, or materials within condo units or common areas. Elements such as walls, flooring, fixtures, or other components may be taken down for renovation, remodeling, or reconstruction purposes. When undertaking demolition and removal in a home , strict adherence to guidelines and regulations set by the condominium association or management is essential. This includes obtaining necessary permissions, ensuring proper disposal methods, and minimizing disruptions to other residents in the building. Our commitment is to execute these processes with precision and in accordance with all relevant standards