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    When you think of a condo kitchen, you know that one of the constraints is space. Many who live in condos apartments often find that they have a hard time storing away their simple kitchenware other than in plain sight.

    However, in spite of the lack of space, you can make the most of a condo kitchen if you find yourself in the situation.Your best bet would be to improvise and think up creative ways of solving the challenge of space occasioned by your condo kitchen.

    So consider the following tips for making the most of available kitchen space in your condo.

    Think Upward!

    In small countries where they have population problem and limited land space, what do they do? They build upward! So when sorting out the stuff in your condo kitchen, you’d do well to take advantage of the walls and ceiling to hang some of your decorative and functional items or gadgets. Furthermore, you can have some shelves and cabinets placed on the walls to create more room for other gadgets on the counter top and kitchen floor.
    Another spot to consider on the kitchen wall is the spot just above your counter. This area can be sued to hold some smaller items and free up more space on your counter. Pans, dishes and cutlers can come on the backsplash if you have a mounted rack in place.

    Doors Can Serve Dual Functions

    If you consider, there must be more than one door in your condo kitchen. There’s the main kitchen door and then cabinet doors, all of which can serve dual purposes. The back of these doors can be used as storage platforms for small items with not much weight. All you would to make it work would be hangers to hold up things. This would help you keep things away safely, have an uncluttered kitchen space and then have a functional condo kitchen.

    Islands Come In Various Sizes!

    Most definitely; some kitchen islands take a lot of room while others require just a small space to fit in. Although a condo kitchens is usually small on space, you can consider a small island which would also double as an extension of your counter top to enable you place some extra kitchenware. Thankfully, there are small islands designed nowadays that can fit just about anywhere in your kitchen space.

    Decorative Fixtures and Pieces

    Small space notwithstanding, you can find just enough room in your condo kitchen to place decorative pieces if you look hard enough, with your creative lenses!The fact that you use a small kitchen doesn’t mean you have to lack style, because there’s always room to introduce a touch of class.
    We already talked about taking advantage of the walls and ceiling, but what about the space in-between? I’m talking about the space just between the top of your kitchen cabinetry and the ceiling. That space can serve to support such fixtures like decorative baskets for small objects like utensils, etc.
    And the moral of the story is that, if you think and tap into your creativity, there’s so much you can achieve, even in your condo kitchen.