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    What do you do if you have to be out of your home kitchen for a while? How do you handle yourself cooking in a temporary kitchen where every bit of appliance you need may not be available and there’s a limit to what you can do?

    That’s what this article is about; understanding the pros and cons of running a temporary kitchen.

    Often at times, there comes that period when you need to set up a temporary kitchen and do your cooking outside of your regular conventional kitchen. This may be due to a number of reasons, one of which is to make necessary kitchen renovations.

    Many homeowners dread this particular time because working outside of a full functionality kitchen can be disheartening. But it happens and learning to make the most of things is a priceless asset. However, running a temporary kitchen needn’t be all that tedious, if the basics are understood from the start. You simply have to make it work for you!


    The Hard Facts: Food Preparation

    Sure, it can be very inconveniencing when you need to renovate your kitchen and set up a temporary spot where your cooking activities can be achieved pending the renovations. You really cannot do any serious cooking in a temporary kitchen; it’s not just the same. So you may have to consider cooking light while your kitchen renovation is ongoing. Many people find that they even have to eat out at times.

    The Hard Facts: Space Congestion

    During your kitchen renovation, you would definitely have to move a lot of things out of the kitchen to make way for the workers. That would mean your bedrooms, or dining area, or even the living room and hallway receiving all those appliances you take out of the kitchen temporarily. It’s going to be a bit challenging, but you just have to endure the process. After all, the renovation isn’t going to take forever.

    The Hard Facts: Cooking Fumes, Smoke, Noise from Appliances, etc.

    When you’re cooking in any section of your home outside of the regular kitchen, you would have to endure things like smoke and heat. And what happens when you need to use the blender in the living room, with so much noise? I’m guessing that pops would have to hold on watching the evening news then. This is why you may want to set up your temporary kitchen outside, perhaps in the yard so that members of your family don’t have to go through added stress when you’re cooking. The kids would just have a little less room on their outdoor play area.

    The Hard Fact: Kids

    And speaking of kids, they’re going to be one of your major concerns when you have to take out all those appliances from the kitchen and relocate them elsewhere for a while. Kids need room to express themselves, and they’re quite curious. Imagine all those gadgets from the kitchen now in the living room or hallway where they can reach it! Watch out so they don’t break anything, or plug in the blender. My best suggestion here would be to take sensitive electrical appliances and all things breakable out of where kids can reach them. Put them in your room instead, so no one gets hurt while the kitchen renovation is taking place and your appliances are returned in good shape after the work is done.


    Without mincing words, a temporary kitchen will save you a lot of trouble when you need to renovation your kitchen. If the renovation is going to take a long time to be over with, it would be unrealistic for you and your family to eat out during the period or eat just cereal throughout pending when you’ll be able to use your kitchen again for proper meals.

    With the temporary kitchen in place, you can still run your home conveniently, wash dishes, cook and microwave food, and still have the benefit of refrigerating food materials. And at the end of the day, when the kitchen renovation is done and over with, you’ll be thankful for the small sacrifice you made to update your kitchen.