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    In human relationships, people are used to the age-old axiom: ‘Show me your friends and I will tell who you are.’ That may be true, but it doesn’t end there, though. Not only can we be defined by the people we mingle with, but people can also judge your style, taste, and personality by the setup of your home.

    When you want to renovate your kitchen, you may spend hours, if not days, wondering what design you have to go with. Obviously, you already have some thoughts about your next kitchen design bubbling inside your head. You may have come across some fancy kitchen designs in a magazine or at a friend’s place, and you’re thinking you’ll like to adopt the pattern. Or maybe you’re just thinking you’d speak with your kitchen design expert and go with the trend.

    But hold on and take a deep breath. The most important factor in your decision making when thinking about your coming kitchen renovation is to first consider your personality and your lifestyle. You want a kitchen space that you can be comfortable in, a kitchen that syncs with you. When you ‘borrow’ kitchen design from a friend or off a magazine, it may look classy, but it may not work for you.
    You must also consider your overall home and furnishing. Sometimes, when you just adopt a kitchen style or design without double-checking, you may find that the said design is out of place in the general background of your home. Overall, your kitchen design must be able to fit into your home. Contrast is a great idea, but you don’t need a kitchen design that clashes with your home style and décor in all ramifications.

    That’s because you want a kitchen design that syncs with you and not just what’s out there. Style is unique. Ultimately, you have to go with what works for you. In settling for a kitchen design, you have to go with what reflects your style, personality, and lifestyle. If you’re a modern, contemporary person, then you want to settle for a design that projects this. The same applies if you’re into native styled antics and interiors.

    Also, if you’re more comfortable with hardwoods furniture rather than steel, go with it. Nowadays, it’s common for contrasting materials to be used side by side, like textured timber with marble, etc.

    Ultimately, how you design your kitchen, know it or not, speaks volumes about you. It would there be wise on your path to think about your personality, what works for you and inspires you before deciding on your next kitchen design in this New Year.

    Obviously, it can be difficult to give up on a style or a look if it isn’t suitable to the existing surroundings, but it is even more difficult to often let go of a fascination with certain unnecessary “extras” as well. Finally, there is no such thing as perfect kitchen design; instead, there is only the best choice in design for the particular needs of the homeowner.