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    White kitchens are absolutely pristine! There’s an undeniable feeling, an aura of elegance, an illusion of grace and space that you discover when you stepping into any white kitchen. White has a way of projecting a larger kitchen compared to the actual size of the space.

    A lot of homeowners want clean, spotless kitchens, thus making white the color of choice. White is very versatile and can combine well with several other colors and textures if you know your way around kitchen renovations and matching colors.

    Aside from giving you the sense that your kitchen is larger than it actually is, a white kitchen is therapeutic; it helps to lighten your mood, infuse positive energy into you and relax your mood as well.

    So if you would like to try a white kitchen design for your home, here are some ideas for you to explore:

    1) All white background

    That’s right; everything sparkling white, from the floor to the cabinets and the countertops! Now here’s a kitchen fit for royalties; every detail and each aspect of the kitchen, from the cabinetry to the furniture, everything constructed in white. The overall white background of the kitchen will help to bring beauty and contrasting brilliance against the backdrop of the kitchen appliances that may come in various color palettes, texture, and materials.

    2) A Touch Of Wood And Marble

    If it works for you, you can bring in a touch of wood to tone down the overwhelming effect and brightness occasioned by the all-white background. If you find the white on the white color palette to be too stark for your senses, using natural wood on some surfaces in your kitchen will simmer things down for you. This is also great for art or aesthetic reasons; combining white with wood or a touch of grey can bring it the beauty of what you’re trying to achieve in a new kitchen. Non-White countertops and natural wood furniture and flooring can also be used to add visual interest to the kitchen, by bringing out an element of rustic charm to your kitchen. Plank floors can also be used to add rustic touches of color to the kitchen.

    3) Lightning Effect

    Here’s one cool way to add splendor and warmth to your white kitchen. You can hardly go wrong with brilliant ceiling and wall lightings in your kitchen and this can even accentuate the effect of the white around. You can use simple drop lights on the ceiling, elegant wall lights or countertop lights at an angle that can also help in terms of focus when you’re working in that area. Of course, a good kitchen renovation expert can make helpful suggestions regarding the type and quality of lighting your kitchen needs.

    4) Draperies, Blinds, Towels, and Accessories

    These are essential parts of the kitchen, and picking the right colors and combining them correctly will help in bringing out the white background of the kitchen. Remember, your kitchen is going to have materials of other make and texture, so it is important that you blend them in nicely to provide a suiting ambiance. Against the backdrop of the bright white, ensure the stainless still aspect of the kitchen, like the sinks and taps, are clean and flawless. It won’t help when you have rusty sinks and broken stuff in your elegant white kitchen. Also, be sure to get matching towels and blinds for your kitchen. Lastly, do accessorize your white kitchen; it would help if you brought in some greenery (flowers) or a touch of blue (wall fixtures) here and there.

    5) Texture and Finishing

    When it comes to setting up a white kitchen, please ensure that you pick you white very well. You want something that is longer lasting, right. Also, ensure you don’t use gloss on the wall; gloss paints are often bright and reflective, and this is even more so in terms of white gloss. So the result may be uncomfortable for some people, especially those sensitive to bright lights.

    Also, try combining white with a few other colors that appeal to you and enhances the aesthetic of your white kitchen. Unless you’re very particular about white, not everything in the kitchen has to be white. You can have white as the predominant background, but buying your appliances and gadgets all in white is well, a bit too much. But then again, it’s about you and what you want to achieve in your kitchen.

    In the final analysis, your kitchen professional is your best friend, especially at times like this. Setting up a white kitchen can be rather tasking, and the slightest error will definitely spoil your effort put in. so be sure to speak with a reputable kitchen design company in your city and get the best ideas for your white kitchen.