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    Home designers are now focusing on incorporating multiple metal finishes in a single room to add more dimension, depth, and personality to the space. However, mixing metal finishes without creating a mismatched look in a room is tricky. If you want to try out this trend in your kitchen, then you’re in the right place.
    4 Tips to Mix Metal Finishes in Your KitchenIn today’s blog post, we’ll share some interesting tips to mix metals in your kitchen. Whether you want to up the style of your kitchen with small upgrades or want a complete kitchen renovation, we hope you find these ideas useful.

    1. Choose the Metals Carefully

    The trick to achieving a visually even and attractive look when working with multiple metals is to choose the combinations carefully. This is important because if the combinations aren’t appropriate, they can end up looking like accidental inclusions in your kitchen. For instance, if you use silver accents all over your kitchen and then use only one copper piece without distributing it strategically and evenly in the space, it won’t create a visual impact.

    1. Pick a Dominant Metal

    Just like you choose a dominant colour when working with color palettes in a room, select a dominant metal when mixing metal finishes. When you thoughtfully use a dominant and secondary tone in a space, it builds a better visual structure. You can follow a simple rule of 70-30% when working with two metals.

    1. Maintain a Consistent Visual Plane

    Although there isn’t any specific rule for using multiple metals together in a single room, you can achieve an appealing look if you maintain a consistent visual plane. This means, use the same metals in the same visual plane. For example, if you’re working with nickel and brass, keep the faucets, pulls and bars in nickel finish while use all your lighting fixtures in brass finish.

    1. Balance Cool and Warm Tones

    Note that when you combine cool metals such as silver and chrome with metals like gold and brass, the warm tones help add texture and a pop of colour. You should also consider the style of your kitchen when doing this balancing in the space. If the kitchen colour scheme is cool, opt for dominant warm metals like brass, gold or iron. When the colour scheme is warm, select chrome and silver finishes as the dominant tones.

    Now that you know the key factors to keep in mind when mixing metals in your kitchen, it’s time to stylize your space. Below, we’ve put together some of the best chic metal combinations and a few ideas to do them right.

    • Chrome and Gold: Chrome is an ideal finish for modern homes. When combined with gold, it can add instant glam to your kitchen. Choose extra-long drawer pulls, bars, and decorative table legs in chrome finish. Consider gold finish for the light fixtures and tile detailing. 
    • Silver and Copper: They go well in simple kitchens with neutral colour For example, the combination of silver fixtures or hardware and copper pendant lights looks fabulous in a neutral kitchen with white cabinets and marble countertop.
    • Nickel and Bronze: It’s one of the easiest combinations to work with. Purchase a kitchen range hood in nickel and bronze finishes and install it. Next, use it as the focal point and match the rest of the metals in the kitchen with the hood.
    • Silver and Gold: Include cabinet door pulls and bars in gold finish, silver cookware and appliances with gold details, and range hood with a shiny gold accent in your kitchen. Complete the look with ornate wallpaper and wooden cabinetry.
    • Bronze and Copper: These two metals look similar but come with different finishes. You can opt for this combination if you aren’t sure if this trend will work for your specific kitchen style. A simple way to work with bronze and copper is to incorporate it into your sink area. For the inside bowl of your sink, choose copper coats and for the faucet, select bronze finishes. You can also extend the look beyond the sink area by including bronze finish drawer and cabinet pulls, bars or knobs.

    We hope you found these tips and suggestions helpful. If you’re unsure about what metal combinations you should use in your existing or a new kitchen, consult kitchen experts or professional home designers. For all your kitchen renovation solutions in Toronto and the GTA area, contact Kitchen Nation. We’ve been helping customers redesign, remodel, and renovate their kitchens for more than 20 years.