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    The industrial style of decorating a kitchen celebrates practicality and affordability. With time, this style has made its way to contemporary penthouses and villas from loft-style homes and apartments. The style has evolved into such a distinct form of interior design that it never goes out of trend.

    If you’re planning to redesign or renovate your kitchen, then it’s a great time to shift over to the industrial style and transform the look of the space. In this blog post, we’ve put together three simple yet innovative industrial design ideas for your kitchen.

    Focus on Kitchen Lighting

    One of the easiest and the most affordable ways to introduce an industrial style in your existing kitchen is to change the kitchen lighting. Oversized pendant lighting and dome lights are ideal to create a chic industrial kitchen style. Choose black, brass, copper, and nickel finishes that come with oversized bulbs to complete the look. You can also explore other retro lighting options.

    Change the Kitchen Floor and Walls

    Raw textural beauty is an important part of the classic industrial style. Exposed brickwork, concrete, and subway style tiles highlight the industrial essence. Choose an extended wall for installing any of these materials to create a focal point. For the other walls, choose a neutral color paint to soften the look.

    If you’re fond of the brick look, you can also use brick effect wallpapers instead of stripping off the plaster. If you’d like to go for tiles, choose white tiles with dark grout.

    Although brick walls are a favorite among homeowners, you can also focus on the flooring and exposed steel surfaces. Consider wooden floors with patterns like herringbone or chevron or a simple dark painted flooring to bring in the industrial vintage look. Add a beautiful backsplash that matches the walls, flooring, and another decor of the kitchen.

    Choose the Right Decor and Accessories

    The right kitchen decor and accessories that match the industrial style are important to create the coveted look for your kitchen. Go for custom kitchen cabinets, shelves, chairs, stools and the kitchen island that are crafted from old scrap materials. Upcycling is a key element of the industrial design trend. You can visit a local flea market to find some wonderful accessories and furniture that can introduce an industrial aura in your kitchen.

    Instead of choosing generic decor items, give your kitchen a distinct twist by combining traditional vibes, edgy overtones, and modern elements. Choose dark, rich colors and glossy textures that go well with this theme.

    One distinctive feature of industrial kitchens is open shelving. If you have enough room in your kitchen, display your utensils, crockery, and equipment on open shelving units. Stainless steel is an ideal material for kitchen cabinets and open shelves in an industrial style kitchen.

    Now that you have these ideas, try them out in your kitchen. To improvise, throw in retro style appliances such as toasters, blenders, juicers, and ovens in the metal build. You can also change your existing faucets with the industrial-styled ones. For more innovative ideas, check out Pinterest.

    Contact Kitchen Nation for all your kitchen design and renovation needs. We’ve been in the industry for more than 20 years and our expert team is dedicated to providing you with the best solutions.