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    Core Condo

    A closed off condo unit with a mezzanine floor with older appliances and fixtures transformed into an open, refreshed space. This client sought to maximize the living area and prioritize their stunning view of the Bay. To make the space as functional as possible, additional storage space was a must.

    Contemporary and Detailed

    It’s not often that a beautiful custom family home is built with such attention to detail and thoughtful exploration of daily use. Each space was examined to ensure it functioned exactly as needed but presented timeless lines and elegant finishes.


    Granville Townhouse

    This modest suburban residence, constructed in the 1980s, lacked impressive architectural features and had an outdated, compartmentalized interior. Through a revamped structural design, the main floor now boasts a seamless flow between rooms, eliminating previous divisions. The updated aesthetic incorporates natural hues and textures, coupled with modern furniture, resulting in a cozy, uncluttered, and contemporary living space.

    Uptown Home

    The house, with its traditional layout was in good shape but the space wasn’t maximized and this had to be a child-friendly, entertaining home. Updating all but the kitchen, the reno also had to suit their style and make room for their cultural treasures.

    Credit View Kitchen , Oakville

    This project was for a long-time client and we were given free reign to reimagine their home Kitchen  which was an absolute honor and lots of fun. The result was a completed design that is fresh, understated yet elegant, which quite resembles my client!

    Kings way , Toronto

    Our designs seamlessly blend sleek aesthetics with functional innovations, maximizing space efficiency. From contemporary furniture selections to cutting-edge technology integration, our expertise ensures a seamless fusion of luxury and urban living in the heart of Toronto.

    Bramalea Kitchen

    From streamlined cabinetry to state-of-the-art appliances, we bring contemporary flair to every detail, creating a kitchen that perfectly complements the vibrant lifestyle of Brampton.


    Long Branch , Vaughan

    Elevate the culinary space in V aughanwith our expertise in designing modern kitchens that harmonize style and functionality.