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    Modern Kitchen In Toronto At Best Prices

    Custom Modern Kitchen Remodeling to Match Your Home Décor Perfectly!

    At Kitchen Nation, we have expert designers who are well versed with the latest kitchen design trends. They can create customized designs that will perfectly match your home. Explore our pre-designed projects to get an idea of the options you have when picking out your design for a new modern kitchen in Toronto. The high-quality materials and the unique designs allow for a wealth of options that are all guaranteed to last.

    Must-Have Appliances In A Modern Kitchen

    Modern kitchen design trends are characterized by their open floor design, use of neutral hues and minimalist approach. We understand that the cooking area is the heart of relaxation and hang-out spot for the entire family at the end of the day. Superior appliances that make everyday cooking easier and faster are an integral part of such a set-up, letting you have more free time. Here is a list of appliances that are must-haves for modern homes.

    • Slow cookers- These are perfect for making stews, one-pot meals and potluck dinners. All you have to do is cut and put the ingredients and spices in the cooker, set the time and it takes care of the rest. The best slow cookers have user-friendly controls, timer, sears and warming options.
    • Countertop ice-maker- This is a necessity when you frequently host parties in your house. Look for appliances with ice size selections, an ice scoop and auto-timer.
    • Espresso maker- Make café-quality coffee in your home effortlessly with a standard espresso maker. Your espresso maker should have a cup warmer, frothing wand, built-in coffee grinder, water filter and flexible settings for the best results.
    • Kegerators- This is another essential appliance to invest in when you have house parties. It is an at-home draft beer dispenser that also keeps it fresh and chilled.
    • Dishwasher- This is a cornerstone item for any cooking area, but especially needed for a modern kitchen. Certain remodelling plans include a countertop dishwasher as an alternative option when you have fewer utensils to clean up.
    • Food processor- This appliance can do all the necessary preparations involved in cooking like kneading, chopping, pureeing, slicing and blending. Check the bowl capacity, blade types, lid and feeding tube type and controls while investing in one.

    You can go through the various modern kitchen images in our brochures and website to look at the possible layouts available. You will find that the above-mentioned appliances are a mandatory part of every design.

    Our experts can advise you on strategic placement of the appliances so that the area doesn’t look cluttered.

    Factors To Consider For Remodelling A Modern Kitchen

    Consider the following factors while remodelling the kitchen to complement your modern home.

    • The space available and whether an open floor design allows for it.
    • The number of electric points that are available and if additional plug points will be needed in the future.
    • The colour scheme of the house and whether the chosen hue complements the overall décor.
    • How often the kitchen will be used and if guest-friendly accommodations will be required.
    • Cabinet size and design should be proportional to the available space, making the place more breathable.
    • What sort of materials the are suitable for the remodelling project

    Our kitchen showroom in Toronto, houses a variety of materials, hardware and related products to ensure complete renovation solutions are available. Kitchen Nation is dedicated to meeting client expectations. Many Canadian households come to us for their modern kitchen design project, thanks to the competitive rates that we offer.

    Book an appointment and visit our showroom today!