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    Outstanding Kitchen Design In Toronto

    We’re One of the Best Kitchen Design Stores in Toronto

    Are you looking for amazing kitchen design in Toronto? Then visit our store and discuss your project with our experts. When you’re planning a remodelling or renovation project, choosing the right layout is a vital factor that determines the overall success. We help you give shape to your dream spaces complete with timeless approach and cost-efficient solutions.

    Here’s how our team works with our customers:

    • We help visualize the plan you want for your space at our showroom. You only need to provide us with the measurements, budget, and some pictures of the kind of style you desire to build.
    • We discuss every minute detail of your project before presenting multiple design options. After some paperwork, we assign an experienced team for your project.
    • The assigned team visit your home to take accurate measurements of your space so that the tailored products fit perfectly. We provide a final quote at this step.
    • We provide a 3D layout of the plan for your new space after ten to fifteen days. Once you approve it, the team proceeds with it.
    • Our skilled and experienced installers start giving shape to your new kitchen under the supervision of our expert designers. Based on the size and scale of your project, it can take one to five weeks to complete your room.

    Call Kitchen Nation today at (905) 595-1211 or write to us [email protected] for the finest kitchen design services.

    Why Hire Us For Your Kitchen Design In Toronto?

    We’re trusted kitchen manufacturers in Toronto and surrounding areas and have been serving customers since 1999. We offer superior innovative solutions and premium products. Our team includes some of the best designers, craftsmen, and installers of the industry who execute your project with precision and dedication. We also provide prompt follow-up services to ensure 100 % customer satisfaction throughout. You can check out our customer reviews to know more about our products and services.

    Kitchen Design Ideas

    Whether you want to build a traditional, industrial, rustic or contemporary space, an appropriate plan is necessary. Here are some design tips for contemporary and industrial style rooms.

    – Ideas for Contemporary Kitchen: This design has a timeless appeal as it blends elements from almost all other styles. It uses minimalist cabinetry, neutral colour schemes, and metallic accents.

    • White Cabinets and Countertops – Bright white is popularly used in contemporary spaces. It helps to make a room appear luxurious, spacious, and cleaner. For countertops, go for white quartz, marble, Corian, quartzite or crystallized glass.
    • Stainless Steel Accents – Stainless steel is an excellent option for lighting fixtures, hardware, faucets, sink, and kitchen appliances.
    • Wooden Finishes – These natural finishes are back in trend and can be beautifully incorporated into this style. You can choose wooden seating area, cabinets, and shelves.
    • Pop of Colours – A vibrant pop of colour such as turquoise, bright orange, lime green or canary yellow can dramatically enhance the look of your space.

    – Ideas for Industrial Kitchen: This style blends both practicality and affordability. It emphasizes the use of raw textures.

    • Upgraded Flooring – Opt for wooden floors with patterns such as chevron or herringbone. If you want a vintage charm, go for a simple dark painted floor.
    • Upgraded Walls – Subway style tiles, brickwork, and concrete help highlight this style. You can also use wallpaper with these patterns. Neutral colour paint will help soften the look.
    • Open Shelves – It’s a distinctive element of this style. Display crockery, utensils, and other essentials on stainless steel shelves.
    • Upcycled Accessories: Upcycling is a key element in this design. Get some wonderful accessories and decor items from a local flea market to create the essence.

    As one of the leading kitchen design companies in Toronto, we’re dedicated to serving you with the best solutions. Let us know what style of kitchen you want to create and our team will help you out with exceptional design options.