Small Kitchen Renovation Ideas That Will Make Big Difference

Kitchen Renovation

When you’re thinking of kitchen renovation and it’s creeping you out because you haven’t got the luxury of time to spend renovating, what with your hectic schedule, maybe what you should do is take a step backward and give your kitchen a second critical look. You may find that with some small ideas, your kitchen can come back to life again.

Consider the following small ideas that can make a big difference in your kitchen:

 Re-facing Vs. Renovation

If you decide that you haven’t got the convenience of time for renovation work, you can get away with simply re-facing your kitchen instead. That may mean introducing something new changing the blinds or wallpaper, replacing the tap head, painting the wall and putting a little gloss to the cabinets, and so on. With such small changes in the right places, your kitchen comes out brilliantly.

 Rearrange Things in the Kitchen

Sometimes, a little order is all your kitchen requires, not a full head-on renovation. So, yes, put things in their proper places, thrash unnecessary items, change the positions of the appliances, and see how that works for you. You can also bring in a couple of flower pots. Just get creative around your kitchen. When the kitchen is tidy, free of clutters and always organized, with things put at their proper places and all items fully functional, you needn’t worry about renovation unless it is very essential.

Brighten the Atmosphere with White

To inject life back into your kitchen, try brilliant white on the wall. It will change the overall outlook and reinvigorate the kitchen with new energy. Have you noticed that white paint creates an illusion of space? So your kitchen appears large than it actually is, which is a good thing! However, don’t be afraid to experiment with various color options. Remember that in the long run, it’s what works for you that count.

Kitchen Renovation


Add Some Vibes to the Kitchen

And by that, I mean music. Fix a portable speaker in your kitchen, so when you’re enjoying cool, soulful music or jazz in the living room, it flows into the kitchen with a soothing ambiance. That’s bringing style to the kitchen, making it quite fun and refreshing to be there even while you’re going on with chores.

 Lighting Dazzles

Lightings are a great way to change the feel of the kitchen. There are vast options of decorative lights that you can choose from that would immediately redefine the tone of your kitchen. Bring in some fancy lights, drop-down lighting systems that are both classy and inexpensive.

Rug Carpet

Place a vintage rug or fancy carpet on the kitchen floor. Aside from helping to conceal cracks and dullness of the tile or floor, carpets are good for texture. You only have to worry about water spilling on the rug. But they, you can always hang it out to dry, anyway. It’s a much cheaper option than a tile or wood floor, and you don’t need an expert to help you lay it.

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