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    You don’t need to go for a full-scale renovation to add a contemporary touch to your classic kitchen. There are several small upgrades that can modernize your kitchen. Here are five time-saving and affordable ways to upgrade your classic kitchen.

    Paint the Cabinets

    This is one budget-friendly option to upgrade the look of your kitchen. If your kitchen cabinetry is white in colour, you can selectively paint a few cabinets in a single area with bold and bright colours. Blue is trending, so try out a shade of blue such as midnight blue, indigo or navy blue for your cabinets. These shades are versatile and complement all kinds of cabinetry, countertops, kitchen islands and hardware finishes. However, if you have dark coloured floors, opt for other bright colours like yellow, red or orange to make your cabinets look top-notch.

    Upgrade Your Kitchen Countertop

    Replacing your old-style kitchen countertop with a modern design can help jazz up the appearance of your classic kitchen. These days, there are several smart, high-quality alternatives that are better resistant to scratches and stains. Choose from materials like quartz, resin, quartzite, modern marble, wood, laminate, corian and granite for your new kitchen countertop that will wonderfully blend a sharp look with functionality.

    Update Light Fixtures

    Most classic kitchens use ornate chandeliers or vintage-style lighting. When upgrading your kitchen, change to modern geometric shaped light fixtures that come in various shapes such as cubes, orbs and hexagons. Look for metallic finishes like aged brass that will go well with the rest of your classic kitchen.

    Change the Backsplash

    The backsplash is often one of the most striking elements of a kitchen. Due to its colours, patterns, textures and materials, it captures attention quickly. Besides protecting your kitchen wall from spills and splashes, backsplash plays an important role in updating the look and style of your kitchen. Choose a modern-style backsplash that unifies the colour-palette of your classic kitchen and its appliances. It can instantly give a boost to your kitchen’s appearance.

    Get New Flooring

    An old, worn out kitchen floor makes your kitchen look drab. Depending on your budget, you can opt for hardwood, laminates, vinyl, cork or slate tiles to upgrade your kitchen floor. However, when choosing a new kitchen floor, make sure to consider the longevity of the material as well as how it fits with the rest of your kitchen design. Kitchen flooring is a long-term investment, so choose wisely.

    It’s simple to give a modern twist to your existing classic or transitional kitchen. Now that you have these five easy ideas, work out a fresh look for your kitchen and give them your personal touch. If you’re looking for kitchen renovations in Brampton, stop by our local store Kitchen Nation at 80 Clementine Drive, Unit 15 and shop for all your kitchen design needs.