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    Gone are the days when kitchen backsplashes were used only to protect walls from spills. Today, backsplashes highlight your style and provide a focal point to your kitchen space.

    A kitchen backsplash must be both decorative and functional. It gives your kitchen a finished look and adds dimension to the whole setup while protecting your wall. With the introduction of eye-catchy designs and durable materials, many choices are available to experiment with.

    Are you planning a kitchen remodelling anytime soon? If so, then here are 5 ways to add a stylish backsplash while renovating your kitchen.

    • Ceramic Tile

    Ceramic tile is available in various shapes, sizes, and colors, giving you the freedom to experiment with different patterns and designs. It’s a versatile choice as you can install it in multiple angles and it doesn’t require much maintenance. It also provides moisture resistance if sealed properly.

    • Reclaimed Wood

    Reclaimed wood is a popular choice for floors, but it can also be used as a backsplash in your kitchen. It will give a warmer look to your space and compliment stainless-steel appliances. A reclaimed wood backsplash can spice up your dull kitchen effectively.

    • Stainless Steel

    Since most appliances are made of stainless steel, then a backsplash of the same material will give a uniform look to the kitchen. Being durable, easy-to-clean and cost-effective, stainless steel backsplashes are a popular choice among homeowners.

    • Mirror

    A mirror backsplash creates the illusion of spaciousness. It can be applied along the countertop on the bottom of the upper cabinets. You can install it diagonally, in a frame or in a mosaic style to give it a multidimensional look.

    • Brick

    Brick is the perfect choice if you want to give an earthy look to your kitchen space. You can paint it or leave it unpainted for a more rustic look. It can also be a long-lasting fixture if maintained properly. Most of the country kitchens are accessorized with brick backsplash, open shelving and exposed hanger for utensils.

    If you have too many appliances in your kitchen, then go for a simple backsplash. If you have a simple kitchen arrangement, then opt for a patterned backsplash. Look for a backsplash that is useful and complements your space. Whether it is a traditional tile or a trendy glass, choose the one that is easy to clean, durable and decorative.