Transforming Your Kitchen with Modern Kitchen Cabinet: 6 Unique Styles to Choose From

Modern Kitchen Cabinet

There’s no doubt about it; the kitchen is the most visited room in every home. So since we spend so much time there, it’s important we make it as modern, glamorous and inviting as possible.

The best way we can achieve this is by installing the best types of a cabinet in the kitchen. Thankfully, this article has narrowed down the options for you.

Here are 10 great kitchen cabinet designs for your consideration:

 1) Floating Shelves

The kitchen cabinets are great. Well, not so great nowadays, with floating shelves taking the center stage in urban kitchen designs. Floating shelves incorporate straight lines that enable it to pair with contemporary designs. The seeming disadvantage of floating shelves is in the design, which does not take into account the need for segments like you have in a cabinet.

 2) Add Some Color to the Cabinets

Who says you can’t make your kitchen cabinets as colorful as you want, just so long as you’re not going overboard with the color patterns or combination.  Sure, your cabinets can be colorful yet urban. Try a blend of cool color combinations and see how that works. If you like, you can even use a specific color theme for the cabinet that aligns with your person and temperament.

 3) White Kitchen Wall

Like I always say, nothing compares to white as the choice color for any kitchen. Glistening white will help to bring out the radiance of the kitchen. Now try to imagine with a supremely white kitchen Toronto with the cabinets painted bright orange or lavish blue or cool purple, or one color for each cabinet separately against the background of the all-white glossy wall.

white kitchen Toronto

 4) Veneer Wood

The use of wood veneer cabinet is a contemporary trend that adds warmth to a modern kitchen. If installed professionally, veneer slabs can last for many years more, giving you value for your money.  However, not all veneers are of the same quality, so be sure you’re buying the right veneer type you need. Or you can save yourself the headache and look for a reliable dealer to go with.

 5) Lacquered Cabinets

Under the right circumstances, Lacquered finishes are very durable and scratch-resistant. It comes in a wide array of color choices, with a distinct glossiness that most people will find appealing. However, there appears to be an inherent flaw in its design, as it tends to chip easily. This brings its durability to question.

6) Try Incorporating Various Style Options

That just might work perfectly, you know! You can take things a step further by combining aspects of the various kitchen styles into your kitchen; take one element from each and blend them together perfectly. There’s no book preventing you from living your imaginations. Then you can introduce your own idea to customize the design, making it uniquely yours.


There are other design options available that are not covered in this article. But note; you may need to consult an interior design expert to come up with a style that would perfectly suit your temperament. You see, it is important that you don’t make terrible mistakes while trying to modernize your kitchen.

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