Customized European Kitchens In Toronto

Highly Functional Customizations For Your European Kitchen At The Best Rates

From cabinetry to complete remodelling, Kitchen Nation has been providing superior quality services for over twenty years in and around Greater Toronto Area. We, at Kitchen Nation, prioritise customer satisfaction and try to deliver unique remodelling which will perfectly blend in with your home decor. Every client has specific tastes and preferences and our expert interior designers have solutions for all of them, even European kitchens, which are a much-in-demand decor style in for smaller households.

European Kitchen Vs. Canadian Kitchen

There are certain basic structural differences between European kitchen styles and Canadian kitchens. You can customise your cooking area into a European style but do remember:

  • They are smaller compared to American style
  • They are more isolated and confined from the rest of the house than the open modular style of American cooking station
  • Cabinets are frameless
  • Section for the refrigerator is smaller
  • Fewer plug points since Europeans do not use as many cooking appliances
  • The dining room will be separate and hence less light and counter space are available in such design.

Remodel Your Kitchen To European Style

You may wonder what a European kitchen is and how it can be incorporated within a Canadian household in Toronto. At Kitchen Nation, we plan and remodel the space making. We ensure that the new design blends perfectly with the entire home decor with dominant features informing the basic theme.

Here are some ways in which European motifs can be included within a Canadian culinary area.

  • If you have limited square footage to spare, a small European kitchen will fit perfectly within the household.
  • Frameless cabinets are a major feature of European culinary spaces and are easier to clean. Many households opt for them as a part of their remodelling project.
  • If you have a spare or separate room, you can turn it into the dining room and opt for a European structure for the kitchen.

Depending on the architecture of your home, our experts at our showrooms can help you find the best way to incorporate European kitchen design ideas within the household. It can be contemporary, old school, have a Scandinavian appeal and much more; whatever be your preference. We will build it for you and suggest improvements that are best suited for your home.

Why Choose European Style Kitchen?

There are several advantages of installing this kind of cooking area for your home, particularly if you have limited space or the architecture is old school and you want to keep it that way.

  • More functional and judicial use of space- there is even a space for installing a washing machine
  • Slots for installing more induction-based appliances
  • Variety of colours apart from steel, white and black
  • Over-the-sink drying racks are unique to European modular kitchens
  • Modern European designs are sleek and come with flush design cabinets and shelves

We Design Every Kind Of European Kitchens In Toronto

With realistic and functional design ideas, we have designers who follow the latest trends. From European country kitchens to contemporary modern designs – we offer all at competitive rates to our clients in the Greater Toronto Area. You can contact us and set an appointment at your convenience with our representatives who will guide you with the designs and an estimated quote for the services.

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