Contemporary Kitchen Designs for Any Home in Toronto

Give Your Kitchen a Fantastic Makeover for a Reasonable Budget!

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Serving the Greater Toronto Area for 20 years now, Kitchen Nation has come a long way in the industry and has become among the best for renovation and remodeling services. We have a variety of pre-designed cooking area plans for you to choose from and also provide unique custom-made kitchens that perfectly fits any home.

The modern home needs a well-equipped culinary space with ample leg space. Contemporary kitchens perfectly fit these criteria. Our expert designers can provide you with a detailed planning and blueprint of the design that will best suit your home.

Features of a Contemporary Kitchen

Certain characteristics of contemporary kitchens set them apart from other types of kitchen styles. The features are as follows.

  • Cutting edge technology- sleek, durable and highly functional appliances for every culinary purpose are installed
  • Juxtaposition of varied materials- different materials, textures and patterns are put together in a unique style
  • Catchy light fixtures- lighting is a very important part of such kitchens. Functionality, colour and size of the light fixture are significant factors to be aware of
  • Backsplash- importance is given to every intricate detail associated with the texture and material for the backsplash
  • Recycling old elements and materials- materials and accessories from the old kitchen are remodelled and made to fit the new style.
  • Frameless cabinet construction that is sleek and very functional
  • Open floor plan that allows for more leg space
  • Emphasis on simplicity and lacks ornamentation, intricate designs and detailing

At Kitchen Nation, we understand the possible tastes of customers who look for contemporary kitchen in Toronto and try to meet their needs. Visit us at Markham showroom and explore our variety of remodelling ventures first-hand and plan your own renovation needs.

Call us at 905.505.1211 and book your appointment with our expert designers today.

Tips to Plan Your Contemporary Kitchen

When you come to us for a certain renovation solution you want for your kitchen, the first thing we consider is whether your interior layout is suitable to accommodate that design. For modern contemporary kitchen designs, we consider these factors before creating a design blueprint.

  • The possible layout- we provide the best practical layout that can be created within the available space
  • Style- the style that blends best with other parts of the home is a priority
  • Colours- the colour combination that adapts best with your interior décor and adheres to contemporary trends are chosen
  • Materials- material finish, quality, functionality and your budget are the major factors that are considered
  • Lighting- existing light fixtures and potential places where new light fixtures can be installed, if needed are taken note of
  • Consider the future- we think ahead to provide you with a design that will have a timeless appeal and functionality for years to come
  • Cooking fuel types- whether you will be using gas or electric majorly for cooking is another factor to be considered to orient the design accordingly
  • Budget- we always consider the financial limit and try to provide you with the best value for the money you are paying

Kitchen Nation has a wide variety of designs that you can choose from for your home. We use only the best materials for every renovation service we provide and you can rest assured about the finish and the quality you get. Get a free consultation with our designers today when you visit our Markham showroom. They will be able to guide you with the best possible customized solutions for your home.

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