Condo Kitchen Renovation Services In Toronto

All-Round Condo Kitchen Makeover That Fits Your Budget!

The kitchen is the hub of any home as all family members spend a significant amount of time there. By renovating it with the latest technology, it becomes an ideal place to relax and whip up your favourite snacks. Condo kitchens are generally compact and equipped with all the latest modern amenities.

At Kitchen Nation, we have expert designers who know the latest trends. They can makeover your cooking area however way you want. The condo kitchen renovations we provide are unique, developed and delivered to match your tastes and home decor.

Different Types Of Condo Kitchen Makeover

There are different types of condo kitchen design ideas based on the space available and the structure of the cooking area. Kitchen Nation specializes in designing condo kitchens and here are some designs you can opt for:

  • Galley or walk through kitchens consist of two parallel countertops and a space in the middle to move around. The cooking appliances like the stove, oven, microwave and other cooking sets are kept on one side while the sink is on the other. This design layout works best in mid to large units.
  • L-shaped is a classic design where two countertops meet at one corner. This shape allows more open space and is a good choice if you’re likely to have many people moving around in the kitchen at the same time.
  • A U-shape design maximizes the wall space on three sides and is a great choice for creating visible divisions. In a small area, the third counter can be doubled as a breakfast nook to save space.
  • G-shaped designs have an almost square layout where one counter is short of forming a “G”. This is a perfect layout for multiple cooks working at the same time and allows for more storage space.

These layouts can work for any condo depending on the available space. Our designers can custom make a layout that will fit perfectly with your home allowing for the perfect condo kitchen makeover experience. Visit our Toronto stores and explore our projects. Our designers will give you consultation on the right designs for your home.

Tips To Choosing The Right Kind Of Condo Kitchen Renovation

Space saving and compact, condo kitchens can have different styles and designs. Choosing the right layout is important to make the most of the available space. Here are some tips to consider when choosing the best style for your home.

  • The overall space available and the shape of the area will help you determine the right layout.
  • Take the water pipeline into consideration and how far it can be modified to determine the position of the sink.
  • The material of the countertop should be chosen according to the durability of the materials and how it complements the overall décor.
  • Consider the condo kitchen cabinet size and proportion that fits best within the design.
  • The electrical connection and the kinds of appliances you are likely to use influence the chosen design too.
  • Consult a professional and share your design inputs with them.

Book an appointment with our experts in our Toronto showroom to get a free quote and design for your condo kitchen renovation. You can contact us on any working day and schedule the appointment as needed.

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