California Kitchen Makeover in Toronto

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With its superior kitchen remodeling and renovation services, Kitchen Nation has been serving Canadian households for twenty years. We’ve been providing the Greater Toronto Area with kitchen, bathroom, and office renovations at affordable rates. Our designers are updated with the latest trends in renovations and remodeling so they can give you the best design blueprints custom made for your home.

Are you looking for something quirky and unique? Not to worry, we have proficient designers whose specialty is California kitchen styles which is a fusion of different styles.

Characteristics of California Kitchen

Every kitchen theme has certain unique features and California kitchens are no exception. This style is distinct because:

  • Natural materials are used for all the elements in the design
  • There amalgam of styles giving it an informal appearance
  • Space for table or kitchen island with seating
  • Large windows allow a lot of natural light within the space
  • It typically comes with glass doors opening to a patio

This is an eco-friendly design as it uses various natural materials like wood and stone. The focus on natural elements and light imparts a freshness to the décor. At Kitchen Nation, we have several variations of this theme and designers. You can visit our store in Toronto and explore the varied materials and elements we provide for California kitchens and their renovations.

Benefits of This Kitchen Style

Here are some attractive features of this kitchen design:

  • Oversized kitchen islands with seating- perfect for a family gathering and house parties
  • Spacious and airy- designed to be informal and casual
  • Colourful décor- juxtaposition of different elements from specific cooking room styles
  • Eco-friendly materials are used for its construction
  • Large windows are a statement style incorporated within
  • Vintage elements like brass and frosted glass fixtures are unique to this style

Such design elements stand out from the regular places for cooking giving your home a makeover, courtesy to your kitchen renovation.

Tips to Incorporate California Kitchen Elements

Want to give your kitchen a fresh look, but don’t need an entire renovation? California style is a versatile choice since it is an amalgam of many design elements. You can change your kitchen style to a west coast look without any major renovation works. Here is how:

  • Consider changing cabinet doors and countertop to natural materials
  • Add exotic rugs and floor mats strategically in your existing kitchen
  • Consider changing your window dressing to an airier alternative
  • Consult a professional regarding how far you can preserve the old kitchen elements and add new ones to give it a California-style makeover.

We understand that every client has some sentimental attachment to their kitchen space as it’s where they spent the majority of their family time. If you are not looking for complete stripping down and renovation of your cooking area, we have experts who can design something just for your home. Visit us and get a free estimate for every remodelling solution you need from our designers in the Toronto showroom.

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