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5 Tips to Make Your Small Kitchen Look More Spacious

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A kitchen isn’t just a space to cook in but also a place to gather, dine, and share special moments with your family. However, when space limits the kitchen, there are certain challenges to maintain its aesthetic appeal and its multi-functionality. Therefore, smart planning is required to improve the storage and renovation potential in a small kitchen.There’s a wealth of opportunity to make smaller kitchens look spacious and organized. In this blog post, we’ll give you some simple yet Read more [...]

5 Ways to Add a Modern Twist to Your Classic Kitchen

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You don’t need to go for a full-scale renovation to add a contemporary touch to your classic kitchen. There are several small upgrades that can modernize your kitchen. Here are five time-saving and affordable ways to upgrade your classic kitchen.Paint the CabinetsThis is one budget-friendly option to upgrade the look of your kitchen. If your kitchen cabinetry is white in colour, you can selectively paint a few cabinets in a single area with bold and bright colours. Blue is trending, so Read more [...]

Techniques for Taking Care of Your Kitchen Appliances

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From work, school, errands, and after hour functions, cleaning is a task we graciously leave until the weekend. However, it’s important to treat your appliances with care to ensure the longevity of their use and effectiveness.Kitchen appliances that are continuously used throughout the week include the refrigerator, microwave, oven/stove, and dishwasher. This article will provide you with tips and techniques to help you take care of your kitchen appliances.Refrigerator Organization Read more [...]

5 Kitchen Backsplash Options to Spice up the Décor

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Gone are the days when kitchen backsplashes were used only to protect walls from spills. Today, backsplashes highlight your style and provide a focal point to your kitchen space.A kitchen backsplash must be both decorative and functional. It gives your kitchen a finished look and adds dimension to the whole setup while protecting your wall. With the introduction of eye-catchy designs and durable materials, many choices are available to experiment with.Are you planning a kitchen remodelling Read more [...]

9 Useful Kitchen Renovation Tips

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Kitchens are one of the most heavily trafficked areas of your home. They demand a lot of attention in terms of cleanliness because they give a character to your household. Thus, they’re the most likely room to be remodeled or renovated.Before you dive in headfirst and invest in kitchen remodeling, it’s better to have a solid idea of what you want. Here are a few tips from our experts to help you plan your next renovation project. Home Décor: Take a walk through your home. Notice Read more [...]