6 Bathroom Vanity Trends You Don’t Want to Miss

Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom vanities play an essential role in enhancing the look and functionality of your bathroom. They are the main attraction point defining the style of the room.

Bathroom vanities are available in various designs and colors. But deciding which vanities are best for your bathroom can be challenging.

We have compiled some six popular trends in bathroom vanities that you should consider before you schedule a bathroom remodeling.

  • Use Stone for Earthly Elegance

Giving a natural look to the bathroom has become immensely popular. Bathroom vanities carved from natural materials such as wood and stone add character and warmth. Adding a stone touch to your bathroom not only provides a traditional look but also gives an earthly elegance to space. You can choose between natural stone and realistic fakes, as per your budget.

  • Wall-Mounted Vanity for Floating Look

Creating an illusion of floating vanities is another popular trend these days. Install a wall-mounted vanity with a simplistic look and keep it off the floor so that it appears to be floating in the air. This trend is extremely useful for small bathrooms to give it a spacious appearance. Remember to choose a sleek design to save space.

  • Durable and Sturdy Concrete

The best thing about concrete is that it can be customized easily. You can give it any shape or size as per your needs. The use of the precast concrete sink and vanity has become a trend due to its sturdiness and durability. People who want to get the best out of their investment are relying on concrete.

  • The Rustic Appearance

Combine traditional, minimalist and industrial style together and give a rustic look to the bathroom vanities for a countryside feel. This trend adds a timeless statement to your bathroom. You can choose from many vintage looking bathroom vanities or refurbish your old dresser in a rustic way. You can also use reclaimed wood to get your custom-made vanities.

  • Dark Colours for a Bold Statement

Dark colors have made a huge comeback in the interior design world. They are perfect to make a bold statement. Paint your bathroom vanities black or use black faucets with an all-white bathroom to create a contrast. Considering dark colors will make the atmosphere more dynamic.

  • Add Versatility with Furniture Style

Adding a furniture style vanity to your bathroom provides versatility and a place for storing towels, bathrobes, etc. It gives a timeless look and lends functionality. Avoid installing super-ornate vanities. Simple vanities with legs to raise the cabinet off the floor are perfect.

These trends make it evident that it’s all about versatility while selecting bathroom vanities. People want their bathroom to stand out and be natural at the same time. Follow the trend that goes best with your style and suits your budget to get the most out of your investment.

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