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4 Smart Design Ideas for Small Kitchens

dark kitchen design toronto
The efficiency of a kitchen doesn’t depend on its area. Space and good design can turn even a small and dark kitchen into an efficient workplace. If you’re planning to redesign and declutter your small kitchen then read this blog post. We’ve put together four smart design ideas to make your small kitchen incredibly stylish, organized and functional.Build Storage for Cooking ToolsA small kitchen often lacks enough storage space and the result is a lot of clutter. Get inspired by Read more [...]

4 Fabulous Upgrades to Give Your Bathroom a Stylish Makeover

bathroom design
Reviving an old-fashioned bathroom isn’t difficult and a few upgrades can bring about drastic changes in its feel and appearance. A transformed bathroom vanity, new hardware, updated fixtures, custom mirrors, smart storage, painted floors or creative walls, there are several ways to recreate an old bathroom.If you’re thinking of remodelling your bathroom, here are four fabulous upgrades that you can add to your space.Install Luxury ShowersUpgrade your ordinary shower experience to a Read more [...]